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How to intercede and pray for your pastor. This book is specifically for those assigned to pray a hedge and covering over the pastor or leaders of the church.

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Covering the Pastor

We often hear stories of fallen pastors: cases of fraudulence, adultery, fornication, child abuse, or divorce. Suicide also seems to be prevalent among pastors. Isolation, division, sickness, inability to provide for their families, unfruitful ministry, lack of souls won to the cross, and lack of spiritual fathering and mentoring can eventually lead pastors to walk away from their pulpits–perhaps walking away defeated. Where will they go? What will they do? Will they recover? Will congregants care? Who Prays for the Pastor?

            The purpose of this book is to increase awareness of the many things pastors experience on their journeys when they answer the call of God to shepherd His people, as well as to encourage pastors to connect with like-minded leaders for fellowship, accountability, and spiritual development. The author hopes that pastors will read the final words of this book and feel refreshed, knowing that God is the God of mercy and grace. This book will encourage you to pray that your pastors remain holy in the course of their assignments, fully understanding that God who gives vision also makes the provision.

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To encourage your pastor and other clergy, consider making October a month you celebrate and appreciate these dedicated servants whom God has called to minister to you and your family.  And if not October, then pick another month, such as the pastor’s service anniversary month.


But you can also do many of these activities yourself, with whatever resources God has blessed you.  Showing love and appreciation to encourage your pastor will bless your pastor and also bless you!

12 simple ways to show appreciation

  1. Send a card, email or text to thank your pastor for something they said or did that blessed you personally.
  2. Express appreciation for your pastor’s spouse in a card, email or text.
  3. Send gift cards or flowers with a simple thank you, or more detailed note for the pastor and spouse.
  4. Provide for a nice dinner out for your pastor and spouse
  5. Give your pastor tickets to attend a game, concert, theatre production or movie.
  6. If your pastor has young children, provide babysitting for one of these special evenings, or any other time.
  7. Provide extra financial gifts to ease financial burdens you know they have, such as student loans or school bills, medical bills, or car repairs.
  8. Gift the pastor with vacation trip
  9. Give the gift of your time and talents whether that’s babysitting, mowing the yard, or helping with remodeling or home repair.
  10. Ask your pastor what they wish for in their office, church facilities or professional development and then provide for it in the coming year, whether that’s a remodeled office, an upgraded computer and software, or funds to attend graduate school or professional seminars.
  11. If you are a church leader, make sure you have reviewed your pastor’s salary and benefits and consider using Clergy Appreciation Month as an annual time to bless him with a salary increase.
  12. And above all, pray for your pastor regularly and tell the pastor you are doing so!


Want more ways to help your pastor? Read Who Prays for the Pastor? and share it with your church or Bible class! Who Prays for the Pastor? [Carpenter’s Son Publishing, $9.99] is available from online retailers and selected book stores.