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Business Leader Attributes, Traits, Characteristics and Features in Education Literature, Mastering Leadership Concept with Stack of Published Books.

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Training leaders  to influence, impact and inspire.

About Us

Liberty Foundation LLC labors day and night nonstop, whether at work or home, to solve the greatest challenge facing leadership today, leading by example. More people have defined leadership as one who stands before others as the key spokesman According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 start up businesses crash, burn out and fail within the first 18 months, that's 80%. Of the 250,000 Protestant churches in America, 200,000  are stagnant with no growth or declining. That is 80% of the churches in America. 4,000 churches close a year and 3,500 people leave the church every single day.

Our Story

Liberty Foundation LLC started when the CEO became concerned about failing businesses and churches in his community. It is at this point that much prayer, research and strategy developed to provide actionable training to the failing numbers within businesses and churches today. We are making solutions available to all people who are ready to accept the responsibility of leading in this century.

Meet the Team

The Liberty Foundation LLC Team, Inc. thrives in developing people and building businesses. The focus of our training models is to increase the effectiveness of people and to allow them to fully develop their individual potential and increase their contributions to both the churches and companies in which they work.

Our curriculum produces and creates positive character in workmanship through: clear models, integrity, judgment, competence, vision, persistence and humility. We believe that it is not what a person knows that counts but what is done with what they know that makes a difference in a busy world filled with opportunity!

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Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

01 Fred's Wife

Ijeoma Ezeji-Okoye

Executive Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Alvin Richards

Chief Information Officer of Technology Operations

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