Who Prays for the Pastor

Order this inspiring and powerful book. Who Prays for the Pastor! Build a Prayer Covering for Your Pastor by Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye We often hear stories of fallen pastors, either in cases of fraudulence, adultery, fornication, child abuse, or divorce. Suicide also seems to be prevalent among pastors. Isolation, division, sickness, inability to provide for their families, […] Read More

Bio Alvin Richards

Implementation & Deployment As a member of the senior management team, participate in the selection and registration of the company’s web site domain names, including any related-but-unused domains that could compromise the integrity of the business (through competition, typosquatting, etc.). Establish email service for the company (in the absence of a system administrator). Select and […] Read More

Bio Ijeoma

About the Executive Vice President Ijeoma Ezeji-Okoye Ijeoma was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Had her upbringing in Festac Town Lagos State. She came into faith in the year April 16th 2001. She has her bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling from University of Nigeria Nsukka. She met Fredrick in the year 2004 got married 2005, […] Read More

Bio of Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye

CUTTING EDGE Fredrick, Cutting Edge Leader's Group, works with individuals and teams to help bring about transformation. When people are energized, inspired, and fulfilled, engagement improves, teamwork grows stronger, and everything gets easier. As a motivational speaker, monthly guest churches and events, Fredrick not only gives leaders the tools and inspiration they need to succeed, […] Read More

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There’s only one quality that I’m proud to tell others about me and don’t mind sharing. It’s a quality I also look for in others. And that is – I’m teachable. As long as I live, I’ll be a life-long learner. Partly because of the way I’m wired and I’m a reader, but also because […] Read More